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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  June 13, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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area and of course, we are hoping that he can return here. >> a los angeles jury convicted mehserle in the shooting death of an ownarmed bart passenger. 22 year old grant was shot on the back of the station an event recorded by digital cameras. >> disappointed again in the criminal justice system. >> grant's uncle hoped to witness the release. >> it was sneaky. >> johnson played for us the automated message that he received 20 minutes after mehserle was gone. >> m-e-h-s-e-r-l-e. there is a change in the offender's custody at that timus. he is no longer in custody.
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later johnson joined a contingent of protesters for a rally in the courthouse where mehserle was convicted. >> it is ridiculous he only does a year. oscar grant's life is worth more than a year. >> and now on kgo radio this morning, mehserle's attorney michael rains said after a period of time if it is determined that mehserle can't live safely in the bay area he may move to another part of the state or out of california completely. that would have to be done in cooperation with the state department of parole. >> thank you very much. >> protestors promised to keep up their fight. some businesses in downtown oakland were boarded up this morning after preparing for a possible unrest in last night's protest march. the rally was passionate but never got out of control. demtraitors walked from the
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bart station to city hall. mehserle supporters say he served the same amount of time that anyone else convicted of the same crime would have and pointed out he will be on parole . demonstrators filed a lawsuit against oakland and alameda county claiming their rightts were violated as they participated in protest against the mehserle verdict last november. they represented 150 protestors who claimed that police wrongfully arrest detained them without probable cause violating the crowd management policy. the city is asking for compensation. the staff need to review the lawsuit before they comment. and police officers in san jose have a big decision to sleep on tonight. they must decide whether to accept a 10 percent pay cut and 100 lay offs . it has residents worried.
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no winners in the new budget. there will be hundred fewer cops on the street. the city is forced to cut more than 250 police officer's jobs. >> san jose police officers say so far there are 26 homicides in the city and six more than all of last year and that is with the number of officers they have now. george beaty is the president of the san jose police officer's association. >> that is with 1200 and one can only imagine if we go down to 1100 or below and worst case sceniario. 925 officers. san jose is facing a deficit this yearr and can shave 50 million off of the deficit if officers take a pay cut. it also means laying off 100 officers. >> if the member chooses not to ratify the agreement we could lose officers.
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>> with a homicide rate soaring. residents are worried. mald nado's congregation lost two members to homicide last week. we buried many growth this week. >> they held this meeting last week. they represent ep i san jose families. they need more officers and a better relationship with the police could reduce gang violence. >> obviously the relationship between the community and police and the lack of officers being cut, it is really critecal that relationships are built. >> the san jose mayor agrees but said costs are sky rocketing. if the officers agree on the cuts they will save jobs.
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>> it willed be concessions in the police to save jobs. >> police have until accept or reject and city council will vote on the mayor's budget tomorrow. whatever the police decide that will contain 100 fewer police officers. prosecutor will not ask for the death penalty. sex people charged in the fatal shooting of a tourist. they were set to appear in court.
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arsonist behind two suspicious gras fires. the first started in camden this afternoon . the second happened an hour later. both may be cases of arson. police made a arrest of a woman whose body was found in a large garbage bag in sunnyvale. the man likely killed marie of san jose a day before her body was found. investigators say the killing happened on a home in revere drive in sunnyvale. no one was living in the home which was damaged by a fire in december. 49ers hall of fame joe montana is recovering from a car accident that is.
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they will not give details about the crash. montana cancelled an appearance before the santa clara city council to discuss a development project. he wants to build a hotel and traunt - restaurant by the stadium. >> and opponents -- proponents of section -- proposition 8. walker revealed he was in a relationship with another after. walker should have recused himself before the trial because he and his partner stood to benefit from the verdict. >> instead of revealing the facts to the partis and the counsel, judge walker kept them to himself even though
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the subject matter presented an issue in which judge walker and his partner had a direct interest. >> the retired judge never said he wants to marry. others say walker is challenged because he is gay. >> sacramento for a moment. governor brown is getting frustrated with the republicans, brown pleaded for republicans to compromise on the budget plan. he is hoping to solve the state's deficit by extending temporary taxes. but for that he needs republicans to support a special election. >> the legislature has in its hands to do right by california. we cant do it with just a majority party. we need four republican votes. >> he said he will have to balance want budget with 10 billion in cuts. republicans say the labor
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unions that support brown are unwilling to present pension reforms. >> hundreds of people are out of work after marie callender filed for bankruptcy today. the restaurant chain closed 65 will you restaurants. eight of them in the bay area santa rosa and concord and hayward and daly city. in all 2500 people were laid off. it is a memphis based company that reported debts of 441 million dollars. the closing of the restaurant is an extreme difficult decision to make. we are grateful to the employees and local communitieses - communities for the support over the years. >> they are lowering the forecast for job growth for the rest of the year. economist expect the nation to create 1.9 million jobs in 20len. that is 200,000 fewer than
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they felt would be added eight weeks to go. they expect the unemployment rate to be 8 delineate-- 8.7 percent. most surveyed said the best cure for the economy is time. >> candidates for the republican presidential nomination will hold their first debate in man chester, new hampshire. time pawlenty kicked it in high gear. he labeled the health ideas of mitt romney as obomny care. analyst say one thing matters tonight. >> there is no more motivating factor in the debate than president obama. they will put the best attack
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linos obama. >> congresswoman michelle bachmann is not a candidate. >> president obama said if he was in congressman anthony weiner's position he would resign. he said the behavior was highly inappropriate and weiner embarrassed himself and his wife and family. this comes after another set of embarrassing photos emerged. tmz posted him shirtless with a towel on his waist and his hand on his crotch. weiner is on leaf seeking treatment for an undisclosed disorder. just ahead. best and worst in customer service. >> you may want to rethink about the doctor and an apple
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a day. most contaminated produce. and get ready to feel the hit. i am meteorologist sandhya patel. we'll be back to show you the 90s. >> and hold on, it is a rough ride for the oracle racing team in the bay. the story, and plus, we get on board. the news continues in one minute.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. that is to sound of the oracle rages catamarand. it is flying. abc news caught a ride as the crew trained for the american cup. they are not sure how fast the boat can go yet and getting a feel for the course.
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one sailor called san francisco bay a course. it was about cent feet long. >> mark matthews came back soaking wet. >> the team was checking out a new training boat in the choppy san francisco bay waters and see what happens here. their catamarand rose high out of the water and almostt cap sized. no one was hurt but we learned they flipped the boat a short time ago. the 34th american cup race takes place in the american bay in 2013. >> all right, turning to other news now. getting good customer service can be a challenge. it can when e-mail is your only option .
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which top on line retailers keep customers waiting for answers and which ones are johnnie on the spot. office depo responded to customer e-mails fastest taking 48 minutes. crate and barrel took 88 hours to answer the e-mails . it is barnes and noble had the longest of 8 minutes and three seconds. the company that looks at the top 100. you can check out the entire today by going to abc sevennews.comand clicking on sevenon your side. >> you could be seeing fewer phone books tossed in the
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garbage, soon. they have approved a measure that stops the delivery of white page directories by verizon. they will only get the white pages if they make a request. it was approved as a way to cut paper waste. >> you can see it up front and you have lawyers and -- layers and layers of the phone books . they end up in the garbage can. that shouldn't happen. the state senator want to expand it to all white page phone producers in the state. that would make it easier to opt out of the yellow page directories . a hot new item. pots can explode in flames and three people are in the
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hospital struggling to survive. when the fire seemed to go out, they added more fuel and that caused an explosion of the flaming gel that stuck to their bodies is a new type of hazard and warning consumers to read instructions and follow them to the letter . a new study show that is apple's top of the list of produce that has pesticides. researchers found that 92 percent of the apples contain two or more pesticides even after they are washed and peeled. >> more pesticides are applied to extend the shelf life. the top five fruits and veggies are celery and
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strawberris and peaches and spinach. they suggest if you are concerned to buy the organic. >> it is a gorgeous weekend. it is warmer in most areas. but you haven't seen the heat yet. >> wait until the next few days . we get the fog over san francisco . we do have fog and the marine lawyer is compressing. that is the beginning of what is to come. >> it will clear quickly tomorrow and allowing the coastal areas to warm. here's what it looks like. and cool side on the coastline. and inland areas getting up in
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the mid-80s. 83 in concord right now . 71 in san jose and redwood city and san rafael. fog on the coast tonight and warmer in all areas tuesday and wednesday . starts to turn cooler on thursday. look for the temperatures in the 50s and really a comfortable night. it is warmer conditions.
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it is a warm day . 86 degrees. and mid-60s . if you don't like the heat it is the place to be. 65 in daly city. and you will see a wide range of 60s . they are running a few degrees warmer. livermore in the mid-80s . 91 in concord. and 78 in salanas and morgan hill. at least for the first days.
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mid-to upper 60s . and cooling upon gibbos thursday . numbers in the low inlands and uppers on the beaches and sunday they bounce up. and new at 6:00. and thrills and dangers that you encounseler as you run
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>> dogsmay be born with the ability to perceive or react with human emotion. >> scientist had canines choose whether to beg for food or machine who ignored them and found that animals could detect a person's attentiveness. >> increased exposure to humans improved the attendiveness. still ahead. the first graduation in the east bay charter school. >> what makes the senior class so special. stay with us.
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>> new tonight at sex o'clock. nissan's falling lease. and there is so much trouble from the buyers . apliiances. there is a special election from michael jackson jacket to a copy of playboy. that is all coming up tonight at 6:00. >> thank you, carolyn. and the collegate in san francisco is making good to get kids in college. >> this saturday will graduate its first senior class. >> 63 students are graduate two-thirds of the original class have been accepted to two and four year colleges. >> mos


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